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The Coalfields Funds provide equity and equity related funding of up to £1.5 million to companies that:-

  • Are classed as SMEs (small to medium sized enterprise)
  • Are unquoted (meaning they are not listed on any form of exchange, for example, the London Stock Exchange or Alternative Investment Market)
  • Meet one or more of the following criteria with regard to their location:-
    • Have (or will have) their principal place of business within an eligible coalfield ward
    • Employ (or will employ) a significant proportion of their workforce from an eligible coalfield ward
    • Bring (or will bring) material economic benefit to an eligible coalfield ward
  • Do not operate in any of the excluded sectors
  • Are able to produce a commercial return to the Funds on their investment

The Funds provide equity and equity related funding ranging from a minimum of £500,000 to a maximum of £1.5 million, normally structured as equity with loan or preference share capital, or a combination of both.

Terms are typically structured as follows:-

Ordinary shares

  • A minority shareholding typically of 5 to 30%
  • Annual dividend linked to profitability

Preference shares

  • Dividend usually payable six monthly
  • Redemption typically annually over 5 years, although capital redemption holidays are available where appropriate


  • Interest rate at similar levels to bank borrowing, with flexible payment arrangements
  • Unsecured
  • Repayment typically quarterly over five years although capital repayment holidays are available where appropriate

Or, a combination of the above

The Fund Manager is able to put together financial packages to meet your company’s current and future funding requirements.

To find out more about how the Coalfields Funds call the team at Enterprise Ventures today on 0845 094 8886 or email

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